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i was looking through the circle lenses tag cuz i wanna get some and i found your selca! ^o^ omfg you're beautiful! your skin is like so flawless and amazing~ <3 you are a doll! waaaaah~ i could fangirl all day >.<


Firstly I am so sorry for late reply >///<

Thank you for your kind words! <3

Hoping you found the perfect lenses for you~ <3

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You're so beautiful and you seem very sweet. I think I just fell in love, haha. Keep being pretty.


Ah, Thats very nice of you! :D

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You're so adorable!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ I bet you get that a lot but I had to say it ;~;


Gasp 💋
Thank yous!

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Can you tell me (help me) become ulzzang like you? I really look up to you. You're awesome! And super kawaii! I hope you message me back! :3


Makeup! 💋
Overtime improvement!

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you are so beautiful! i wish i was as adorable as you! :3 oh and where did you get your circle lenses?


They’re from lens circle 💋

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Hellloo I was wondering what kind of bbcreams you use?? And if you have found any korean brand of bb cream that match your skin color?? Have a wonderful day! (^v^)


I am not pale so I do not use korean brands in cosmetics unless its an actual cleanser and facial mask. I use Iman bb creams and gariner bbcreams <3

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Hi I love your blog and I'm following black ulzzang blogs and yours is so cute! Please could you follow mine back? Mine is kawaii!♥


Hello! Thank you >_<

Sure thing!

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I hope we see more black ulzzangs in the future (^。^)


This is my personal blog; not shared with other black ulzzangs. They have there own blogs. Check the tags you can find more…if im not enough for you! ;) <3

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Aooweee ,thank you so much for the follow Vivi (//.~) . You're so sweet & pretty >.<.haha, Loveeeee your blog XD


You’re very much welcome =^.^=

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So can you really curl weave with a curling iron or those old fashion hair curler thingies? What do you use? I must know ;//u\\;


Nods! Of course!

I use 100percent human hair on my wigs and extensions! :D

I use an electronic curler! You put your hair in this circle and it sucks it up And curls it for you! Takes like 10mins on my whole head! Very fast

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Do you edit your pics with xiuxiu meitu


Yes! For there deco hearts! :D
Only when I take mobile photos tho

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#blackulzzang #blackuljjang #blackdoll #blacklivingdoll #kawaii #circlelenses #selca #selfie #vibabiix #jochanvivimiekayo

#blackulzzang #blackuljjang #blackdoll #blacklivingdoll #kawaii #circlelenses #selca #selfie #vibabiix #jochanvivimiekayo

Loving simple eye look as of lately! #blackulzzang #blackuljjang #uljjang #ulzzang #makeup #circlelenses #vibabiix #kawaii

Loving simple eye look as of lately! #blackulzzang #blackuljjang #uljjang #ulzzang #makeup #circlelenses #vibabiix #kawaii


Hi hi I’m vi #blackuljjang #blackulzzang #ulzzang #uljjang #circlelenses #kawaii #cutie